Netscale/NYU AAAI Video Submission

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AAAI-08 AI Video Submission Form

1. Date submitted: June 30th, 2008
2. Video developer(s)/author(s) names: Pierre Sermanet
3. Institution(s): New York University
4. Email(s) for correspondence:
5. Title of submission: DARPA LAGR Program: Learning Applied to
Long-Range Vision using a Collision-Free Navigation Platform
6. Video format used (e.g., WMV, AVI): AVI (mpeg4)
7. Length (in minutes & seconds): 5 minutes
8. URL where the downloadable submisison is located:

9. Size (in MB): 178Mb
10. Is the first/primary author a student?: Yes
11. Should this be considered for Best Educational Video?